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Should You Try To Settle Your Own Injury Claim Without An Attorney?

Why You Should Never Try To Settle Your Own Maritime Jones Act Claim Without An Attorney

We have recently posted an excellent article regarding the common mistakes made when seamen tried to handle their own maritime and Jones Act cases.  You can learn about the reasons you should not settle your own maritime Jones Act case with your company directly by reading this unfortunate story from an injured boat captain.

If that story doesn’t compel you to think twice about settling your own case, you can review our webinar on how to settle your own maritime case.

We discuss several reasons including the advantage that your company has, the main reason you should not return to work too soon after your injury as well as if you can break or void an unfair settlement that you accepted when you did not know the full extent of your injuries.  Our Louisiana maritime lawyers are here to help assist you in any way necessary.  Learn your rights, choices, and options.

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