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Why A Pre Employment Physical Can Help Your Case

There are several reasons why undergoing a pre‑employment physical including an MRI can actually help your case if you are subsequently injured while working for that company.  First, the fact that the company examined you before hiring you can often prove that you were physically fit and able to perform the assigned work prior to your accident.  If you do not undergo a pre‑employment physical, very often the company may claim that you physically should not have been performing the work.

Additionally, if an MRI is obtained during your pre‑employment physical, this test result will be critical evidence in regard to any subsequent injury which you later suffer.  It makes a tremendous difference in your case to be able to show a clear change in your condition based upon your pre‑employment MRI as compared to your post-accident MRI.

Finally, even if your pre‑employment MRI indicated some minor physical problems such as age-related degeneration, it will be extremely difficult for your employer to use this evidence against you if your employer was aware of this condition when it hired you.  Often even a less than perfect pre‑employment MRI can still benefit your case greatly.

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