From 1953 Through 1987 The Water At Camp Lejeune Contained Cancer Causing Toxins

Justice is finally here for the Victims and Survivors

The Young Firm is representing service men and women and their families across the country who were injured by the toxic water at Camp Lejeune.  Our experience helping service men and women includes currently representing hundreds of veterans with hearing loss or damage due to defective hearing protection provided to them by our military.


Under the Camp Lejeune Justice Act a claimant must first submit his or her claim through an administrative process.  Our attorneys have handled government administrative processes for years including those in front of the Department of Labor for injured workers under Federal acts.

A Real Law Firm

Our attorneys are ‘real’ attorneys.  We spend the vast majority of our time in Federal Courts.  Under the Camp Lejeune Justice Act any claim not resolved during the administrative process must then be filed in Federal Court.   Some attorneys have never appeared in any Federal Court.  Our attorneys have appeared in numerous Federal Courts across the country.

Helping Multiple Claimants

We have dealt with multiple claimant cases many times in the past including individuals who suffered strokes and heart damage due to the prescription medication Vioxx, hundreds of oil field workers exposed to asbestos in drilling mud who suffered cancers and other injuries, and multiple families injured due to improper pesticide application on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Representing Victims of Camp Lejeune Toxic Water From Across The Country 

States in red are just some of the states where our clients currently live who were exposed to toxic water at Camp Lejeune.  Let us help you if you believe you suffered illness or disease due to the water at Camp Lejeune.

Don’t be scared to hire a lawyer. If you get injured, call The Young Firm. I would not hesitate on that at all…They stood behind me, and helped me, and fought for me, and made everything okay.”

Jeremy S.

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