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Cruise Ship Wrongful Death Claim

  • Jones Act Law

Our personal injury and maritime lawyers obtained a $450,000 settlement for a wrongful death case on behalf of a Louisiana widow whose husband died aboard a cruise line vessel.

Unfortunately, our client’s recovery was greatly limited since her husband’s wrongful death occurred on the high seas. Our client’s total recovery was limited to a maximum of approximately $500,000. Although the cruise line claimed that our client’s husband suffered from a preexisting condition which would have resulted in his death regardless of the medical treatment that the vessel could have provided to him, we were able to successfully settle the claim for approximately 90 percent of the maximum allowable recovery. The settlement also included future payments to be made to the children of our client.

Quick Case Facts

  • Settlement Amount: $450,000
  • Claim Type: Death on the High Seas Act | Wrongful Death
  • Injury Type: Death at Sea
  • Age: Not Available
  • Job Position: Not Available
  • Accident Location: Gulf of Mexico
  • Vessel Type: Cruise Ship
  • Company: Confidential