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Maritime Injury Settlements

Personal Injury and Maritime Lawyers in Louisiana - Our Results

At The Young Firm, we know that our law firm is probably one of many that you have found in your search for an attorney to handle your case. Perhaps you have browsed the Internet and seen far too many boastful TV commercials. At The Young Firm, however, we are more than a splashy ad or powerful catchphrase; we are local, trial-tested, and trustworthy personal injury and maritime lawyers. We are proud of our firm’s history and pleased to share a sampling of our past results with you.

**Disclaimer: The following results should not be construed as a prediction or guarantee of the results we will achieve in your case. Each case is unique, and results will, therefore, differ from case to case.**

Exceptional Jones Act Settlements


Offshore Accident
Brain Injury


Offshore Accident
Back Injury


Offshore Accident


Offshore Accident
Leg Injury


Crane Accident
Foot, Ankle, Back Injuries


Barge Accident
Hip Injury

For more information about our past successes, be sure also to check out our client success stories.

$7,150,000 Settlement – Offshore Injury

Our personal injury and maritime lawyers obtained a settlement of $7,150,000 on behalf of a Louisiana client who sustained a severe offshore injury.

Our client first experienced flu and headache symptoms which continually worsened over the next several days. Eventually, he was taken off the rig and diagnosed with a “cavernous malformation” of a blood vessel on his brain stem which was bleeding. After the condition was monitored for two weeks, surgery was performed, which left him wheelchair bound and totally disabled. The defendant company claimed that his medical condition would have resulted regardless of the timing of his treatment. Through several medical experts hired by our office, we were able to uncover evidence that earlier treatment could have greatly improved his final condition, if not avoided his injury altogether. Although the defendant company had hired medical experts that disagreed with our experts, we were still able to reach a settlement that will provide money for him and his family for the rest of his life.

$3,500,000 Settlement – Jones Act Suit

Settlement for an injured Jones Act seaman who suffered a stroke while working offshore.

$2,560,000 – Crane Accident

Vessel Repair Supervisor Gets Millions After Crane Collapses

Our client was awarded $2,560,000 from a New Orleans jury after he was thrown from a crane which collapsed due to a faulty weld. The case was hard fought by the company and the jury’s decision was affirmed by the trial judge. The company appealed the case to the court of appeal where the court affirmed (1) seaman status and (2) the negligence of the company, but reversed the amount awarded as excessive. We are currently seeking a review from the US Supreme Court, pending a re-trial of the case on damages alone.

You can see the jury’s verdict form here, read the judge’s decision here, and read the court of appeal decision here.

$2,400,000 Verdict – Offshore Injury

Our client was injured while moving a large tank of oxygen across the unsafe deck of a barge. The defendant refused to offer more than $125,000 in settlement. A jury ultimately awarded more than $2 million in damages to our client and found the company responsible for 60 percent of those damages. Unfortunately, against our strong opposition, the trial judge deemed the jury’s verdict too ‘excessive’ and he lowered the award. Nonetheless, our client recovered significantly more than had been offered in settlement.

$1,900,000 Settlement – Offshore Injury

Our client, an offshore rig worker, sustained severe nerve injury to his left leg, which resulted in significant disability as well as constant pain and suffering. His injury occurred while he was working in the derrick aboard the offshore rig, and although the company claimed he was entirely to blame for his own accident (which would have prevented him from recovering any damages beyond medical expenses), through investigation and expert testimony we were able to prove that the company was at fault for his accident. As a result, we achieved a $1,900,000 settlement prior to trial.

For an evaluation of your maritime or admiralty claim, contact our personal injury lawyers today. Serving Louisiana clients statewide, we can help you obtain compensation for your injuries.

$1,400,000 Judge Verdict – Jones Act

In this Jones Act claim, our client sustained an injury to his lower back, which, although it did not require surgery, prevented him from returning to offshore work where he was earning more than $40,000 per year. Prior to the trial, our client had settled with one of the defendants for $250,000. The verdict was settled during the appeal process.

$1,200,000 – Barge Injury

Young Deckhand Injured on Golding Barge Gets over $1,000,000

We had a successful settlement for a young deckhand who suffered a hip injury while working aboard a Golding Barge Line tug boat when he fell from his top bunk on board the vessel. We were able to show that the bunks on other vessels had been altered to better secure the crewmembers, and that this bunk had not been modified yet simply because the company had not gotten around to it. The captain had removed the ladders and instructed the crew that the ladders should not be used due to the small space in the crew rooms. Our client was extremely happy with the case results we were able to obtain for him.

$1,000,000 Jury Verdict – Offshore Injury

Our client, an offshore worker, was injured when hydraulic fluid sprayed into his eyes. The defendant admitted fault, and the case was tried on the issue of damages alone to a jury in New Orleans. Although our client suffered blurred vision in one eye, which was believed to be permanent, and expert testimony stated that he could not return to work on an offshore oil rig, where he had worked for more than three years prior to his accident, the defendant refused to offer more than $40,000 to settle his claim. A jury returned a verdict of more than $1,000,000, and although the trial judge refused to modify or alter the jury’s verdict, the Court of Appeal reduced the verdict to approximately $575,000.

Contact our personal injury and maritime lawyers in Louisiana to schedule a free evaluation of your claim.

$750,000 – Oil Rig Injury

Young Roustabout Injured on Rig Receives Over Half a Million

We received a successful settlement for a 32-year-old roustabout rig worker who was injured when he was struck by a loose piece of casing that ran down the V door on his drilling rig. Fortunately, his injuries were not permeant and he made an excellent recovery. Part of the settlement included a monthly payment providing for him for years into the future.

$678,415.78 – Shipyard Injury

Shipyard Worker Receives Over $600,000 for Injury

Successful settlement for a 45 year old ship yard worker in a claim we filed against a third party contractor who failed to properly secure a work area. Our client was injured when he fell through an improperly marked opening in the deck of the vessel.

$650,000 Settlement – Offshore Injury

Our injured client hurt his knee and lower back while working offshore. The defendant company admitted that the accident was their fault, and our client had undergone an arthroscopy to his knee. His treating doctor was also recommending a lower back surgery, which the company insisted was not related to our client’s accident.

$630,000 Settlement – Jones Act Claim

Our client suffered a lower back injury while working on the rig floor when the driller negligently over torqued the tongs causing them to spin back and strike our client. The client had not gone through any surgery and the payment was for an non-operated lower back injury.

$610,000 – Tugboat Docking Injury

Deckhand Thrown Overboard During Docking Gets Settlement

We received a successful settlement for a 44-year-old deckhand who was thrown overboard during improper and dangerous back loading operations. Our client suffered a shoulder, knee and ankle injury, although the company claimed his ankle injury was unrelated to the accident.

$550,000 Jury Verdict – Offshore Injury

Our client was an offshore worker who sustained a back injury while working on the drill floor. The defendant refused to offer more than $25,000 prior to trial to settle this claim. Even though the company’s own doctor admitted that our client needed back surgery, the company insisted that our client was injured prior to working offshore. The defendant company even threatened to file fraud charges against our client through the United States Attorney’s office. The jury strongly disagreed with the company’s position in the case and awarded our client more than $550,000 in total damages.

To schedule a free consultation, contact our maritime and personal injury lawyers today. Serving Louisiana clients statewide, we can help you obtain compensation for your injuries.

$550,000 – Dredge Injury

Dredge Worker gets $550,000 After Falling Down Stairs

We received a successful settlement for a 62-year-old dredge worker who fell down dangerous stairs causing injuries to his neck and lower back.

$450,000 Settlement – Cruise Ship Wrongful Death Claim

Our personal injury and maritime lawyers obtained a settlement of $450,000 for a widow whose husband died aboard a cruise ship.

Because her husband’s death happened at sea, the widow’s settlement was restricted to a max amount of approximately $500,000. The cruise line asserted that her husband’s preexisting condition contributed to his death and therefore the medical treatment they provided (or lack thereof in this case) would have done nothing for him. According to the company, he would have died regardless. Despite this, our office was able to settle the claim for around 90% of the maximum allowable compensation. Included in the settlement was also future payments to the children.

$417,500 – Vessel Deck Injury

Client Gets $400,000 for Lower Back Injury

We received a successful settlement for a client who sustained a lower back injury when he was injured on the back deck of a vessel during offloading procedures. The defendant company claimed our client was at fault for his injury, but through hired experts we were able to obtain a fair settlement of his claim.

$370,000 Settlement – Offshore Injury

Our client was injured when a bit on a barge broke free and struck him in the ankle. The company offered $35,000 as a full settlement to him, and he phoned us to discuss the fairness of such an offer. We advised it was not fair given his injury and high rate of pay at the time of the injury. We ultimately reached a settlement of $370,000 for the client who was amazed at the true value of his claim.

$270,000 Settlement – Personal Injury

Our client, a 72-year-old woman, fell in a hotel courtyard in the French Quarter while visiting New Orleans. She suffered a hip fracture and was confined to a wheelchair for approximately eight months following the accident. Although the hotel claimed that the courtyard was well lit and properly designed, our expert determined that the lighting was insufficient and that the construction of the courtyard violated several local building codes.

Confidential settlement – Drillship Injury

Scaffolding Contractor Receives Confidential Settlement

We received a successful settlement for a 37-year-old scaffolding contractor who fell from a drillship when the scaffolding he was working on collapsed. He had been paid benefits under the Longshore Act but we were able to obtain a successful Jones act settlement for him. His settlement provided cash as well as additional workers compensation benefits to him.

Confidential settlement – Vessel Injury

Large Maintenance and Cure Settlement Obtained for Injured Seaman

Our office was able to obtain a large settlement for a seaman who suffered a heart attack while working on a vessel. The claim was limited to future maintenance and cure benefits, yet the company was forced to pay significant money to the seaman which will pay for future treatment. Even though a future health care plan estimated the seaman would not need more than $20,000 for future care, the employer paid well beyond that amount.

Confidential settlement – Overseas Injury

OIM Injured Overseas Receives Huge Settlement

A seven figure confidential settlement for an OIM who was injured while working overseas for a well-known drilling company. Due to the nature of the claim and the payment amount, the defendant insisted all facts and details be kept confidential.

Our Most Rewarding Cases

Clients often ask what is the most rewarding type of case that we handle in the office.  Typically they expect to hear about the serious brain injury claims or the large jury verdicts our clients have received.  In fact, one of the most rewarding types of cases we handle are those that have been told by other attorneys that their case has little value or that they have no real rights and thus no chance at recovery.  Or cases wherein the company made a small settlement offer to the client and we ultimately receive a much, much large settlement for our client.  We recently settled a case for 5 to 6 times the amount that one attorney was recommending as a ‘good’ settlement.  Earlier this year we obtained a settlement for many time more what the company had offered the individual.  In fact, we had offered to settle for less than $100,000 for his serious ankle injury before hiring our office.  Once we prepared his case and approached trial, the company offered more than $200,000 to settle.

These cases are so rewarding because not only have we helped our clients obtain great settlements, but we did so after they thought they would receive little or no recovery.

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While we are proud of our past successes, we are most excited about our next case. Contact The Young Firm to schedule a case evaluation if you have been injured as a result of another party’s negligence or misconduct: 504-680-4100. Our personal injury and maritime lawyers, serving Louisiana and Gulf Coast victims, have the experience and the knowledge necessary to obtain compensation for your losses.

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