Click Here for a list of public resources available for Louisiana residents affected by Hurricane Ida.


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SEACOR Marine Lift Boat Capsizing: Our Predictions for the Future

On Tuesday, April 13, 2021, around 4:30 p.m, tragedy struck when the 129-foot commercial lift boat, SEACOR Power, capsized 8 ...
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11 Tips for Survivors and Family Members of the SEACOR Power Capsizing

As tragic as this situation is, there will come a point when survivors and family members of the deceased will ...
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Maritime Industry in the Spotlight: the Suez Canal Chaos

It’s not often the maritime or offshore industry makes headlines—but when we do—it is usually for something memorable, if not ...
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Changing Careers After an Injury

Being injured at sea is by nature an extremely difficult situation to navigate; even if you fully recover, you have ...
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Coronavirus Concerns for Seafarers

As you are no doubt aware, Coronavirus is present and rapidly spreading throughout the United States. Across the Gulf region, ...
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How to Research & Compare Maritime Attorneys Online

Deciding to hire a maritime lawyer is hard enough for some. Trying to find the right one can seem downright ...
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Are Injury Settlements Taxable?

To answer this simply, no not usually. The IRS Code Section 104(c) says that money you receive from personal injury ...
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How Can I Get My Company to Settle?

Insurance companies settle most injury claims due to fear, not out of any desire to help the injured person; fear ...
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Should You Try To Settle Your Own Injury Claim Without An Attorney?

Why You Should Never Try To Settle Your Own Maritime Jones Act Claim Without An Attorney We have recently posted ...
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Why A Pre Employment Physical Can Help Your Case

There are several reasons why undergoing a pre‑employment physical including an MRI can actually help your case if you are ...
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