Offshore Injury

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Oil rig workers and other offshore workers injured on the job are entitled to compensation under the Outer Continental Shelf Act. The act fills the gap between the Jones Act, which protects injured seamen, and workers’ compensation insurance, which does not cover people with offshore jobs who have suffered an offshore injury. Having handled many maritime, admiralty, and boating accident claims, our attorneys provide Louisiana and Gulf Coast-area personal injury or wrongful death victims with effective, trustworthy representation of an exceptional standard. At The Young Firm, our lawyers represent oil rig workers and other workers on the outer continental shelf who are injured. You deserve to be compensated; contact our maritime, admiralty, and boating accident attorneys to learn how we can help you to protect and assert your rights

Our law office has learned that most workers who are hurt offshore love their jobs.  This fact is often what makes their injury cases so difficult for them.  Even our clients who have received very high awards or settlements still miss offshore work life.  Working offshore provides excellent income, a very enjoyable schedule of many days off at home with their family or friends, and in most cases, great job security with a large oil or marine company.

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The success or failure of your case may depend on whether you seek legal counsel from an attorney who is familiar with the Outer Continental Shelf Act and fully understands its implications. The maritime, admiralty, and boating accident attorneys at our Louisiana firm have handled many Gulf Coast offshore injury claims. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to successfully litigate these complicated claims. Contact The Young Firm today before the statute of limitations governing your case expires.