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Eddie Gets Back His Financial Stability

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"We made the right choice, and we chose a great law firm to work with."

“They made me feel good, like I was in great hands.” Eddie R. | Mississippi | Back Injury

Eddie was a former client of The Young Firm who injured his back working in the pump room of a drilling rig offshore. Eddie had several ruptured discs and had to get multiple surgeries to relieve the pain he was feeling as well as get his mobility back. After his company left him out in the cold, our office stepped in to help him file his short-term disability as well as demand that the company pays him for their negligence in causing his accident. Eventually, Eddie’s maritime case settled and he was able to move on with his life.

A Back Injury Offshore Turned Eddie’s Life Upside Down

0:08 My name is Eddie. I’m from Prentiss Mississippi. I was in the oil field for 16 plus years, little over 16 years.

0:17 Dealing with Mr. Tim and The Young Firm, you know, they gave me great hospitality. They great people, you know, he was up front with me. I never felt like they were just selling me dream just to lead me on or just tell me things that I want to hear that looked good for the moment. And but they, they made me feel good, like I was in great hands. And you know, when my wife met him for the first time, she were talking about them on our way back home, she was talking about how pleasant they is and she think we made the right choice, and we chose a great law firm to work with.

A Down Mud Pump Led to His Back Injury

0:55 I was in the pump room. I came on tower that morning and the other crew had to shut down a mud pump due to trying to change a valve in the seat. I reached for a bar at the time and I heard a pop in my back. So, I yell and immediately hit the ground in pain. Probably three to six months after that I started having pain going down my leg and eventually my whole left side from my waist down went completely numb.

Eddie underwent a left L5-S1 laminectomy and microdiscectomy and needed screws in his spine to function properly.

His Injury Drained Their Bank Accounts

1:29 I hit a very depression stage of my life because I went through financial difficulties and you know, didn’t know what my future was gonna hold. You know, thinking is I gonna be able to work again or is I gonna be able to walk straight again, or be able to play sports or do things with my kids that I was doing on the everyday. So, I went through great depression.

1:55 I was still in pain and I’m missing work and I were having problems with getting my short-term disability. So, I seek out for help.

The Decision to Take Care of Himself & His Family

2:05 You gotta look out for you first. So, seek it. It’s important that, that you get the proper help. Because I honestly felt the way at the end, the way I was treated by the company I worked for, I feel like if they were just trying to get me to go to work, go back to work just to get me out there. You know, they made me feel like a number. And if you don’t take care of yourself, nobody else will.

2:31 When you get into detail with company, they going to be talking over your head. So, you greatly need a attorney to represent you and know what they doing in that field. Because if you like me, like everything that they were saying to me was way over my head. So, I needed somebody who represents me, who make me feel like I can trust.

2:56 And it was just great just to have somebody like y’all to represent me, you know. I believe a person who really ain’t into dealing with that type of work or that type of field, particular paperwork and everything that you need somebody to fight in your corner.

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