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Barge Worker’s Settlement Turned His Life Around

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"The Young Firm really helped me to get back to that phase of my life: to be able to take care of those I love."

James was a 32-year-old barge worker who had been working on the Mississippi River for 10 years before his accident on October 9, 2014. The barge he was on was struck by an oncoming vessel and his back was severely injured in the process. After his accident, James realized he was no longer going to be able to work and turned to The Young Firm for help.

“I dialed The Young Firm’s number and I waited quite a while before hittin’ the call button.  I was nervous.  But I’m very thankful I did because I wouldn’t have been able to carry on with my injury. After contacting The Young Firm, they set me up with the right doctors and therapists that I highly needed.”

The Physical & Psychological Toll of an Injury

Injuries have both a physical and emotional impact on accident victims and it’s this psychological toll that is often the hardest for these injured workers to cope with.

“After an injury, everything changes about a man.  Your ability to provide.  Your ability to be a husband.  Your ability to be a father.  By hiring The Young Firm, I was able to get the right counseling I needed ’cause even though this is a physical injury I received the mental lashings were there they cut deep for quite a while. I was in my prime and then to have all that stripped away from me was tough. But with the right group of doctors, my wife, and my legal counsel, it really helped lighten the load.”

I’ve Gotten the Help I Need

“There’s times in life to where you gotta make tough choices and it was a tough choice to contact The Young Firm but it was the right choice.  I stand by it.  I’ve gotten all the help I needed to put my life back together. I’m very thankful for the Young Firm.”

James’ Advice for Injured Workers

“To all the men out there who might see this: one thing that really helped me also was the testimonial videos on YouTube, their newsletters, reading clientele stories of success. It’s important, especially at heavy moments of doubt and depression.  It gives you a little bit of a light at the end of a tunnel. It’s not gonna be easy but surrounding yourself with the right people is the best option.”

Settlement Helped Him Pick Up the Pieces

“With the compensation, I received due to my injury, I was able to pick up the pieces. I’ve purchased a house, vehicles. I got funds to take care of my family for a very long time and that includes settin’ my children up. It’s very important because that’s why we all work anyway.  We work to take care of those we love and The Young Firm really helped me to get back to that phase of my life.  To be able to take care of those I love.”

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