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Jarvis’ Life After His Basket Transfer Accident Offshore

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"I thank the entire staff: Megan, Rebecca, Tim, Joy, all of them had a hand in it. I appreciate it. My family appreciates it. Thank you. I can never, ever say thank you enough."

Jarvis was working as an A Crane Operator on a production platform in the Gulf of Mexico when he was injured during a basket transfer a motor vessel 80 feet below. The Captain and deckhand monitoring the transfer did not communicate to the crane operator on the platform above that the basket had lowered too far and so as it swung over to the vessel, it slammed into the side, knocking our client out of the basket where he fell 3 feet onto the deck, landing hard on his back and neck and losing consciousness. He suffered multiple disc tears and herniations up and down his spine and was recommended for a bone-fusion surgery. Unfortunately, the Louisiana Department of Labor denied Jarvis his surgery and it wasn’t until we stepped in that he was finally able to get the surgery he needed to heal. After a tough battle, we won Jarvis his surgery and settled his case for over a million dollars.

“With this settlement, I can actually start some things to actually help out me and my family in the future and leave some for my kids. Whatever business I decide to take part in, I can do it.”

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